Monday, December 8, 2014

Colton Leo Black

This past Spring, we found out we'd be welcoming a third boy into our family! Wow, three boys, we were excited and overwhelmed!

The Name
Weston and Landon both happen to end with 'on' and since Devon does, as well, we figured we'd better keep the trend going. The name Colt was first introduced to us a few years ago as a friend's rejected name for her son. Devon and I mentioned that we really liked it but, we never really gave it a second thought.  While trying to think of names, I overheard the name Colton in a doctor's waiting room. I immediately knew Devon would love it because of our earlier run in and it included our required 'on.' It was a winner! 

The middle name was a bit tougher, we just couldn't agree on anything. And by that I mean Devon didn't like any name I came up with. After presenting my billionth name, he finally just suggested we name him after my grandpa Leo. I don't know why I hadn't even considered that, it was perfect. 

The Pregnancy
I was the sickest with this pregnancy, but still relatively mild. I went to a new doctor since Landon's doctor was now about 30 minutes away, this proved to be an awful choice. She was perfectly nice but a little test happy, to put it mildly. We had one possible, tiny imperfection on the 20 week ultrasound that led to a miriade of tests, each easing concern about the original issue all the while introducing a new issue. This pregnancy was wrought with a lot of needless worry, I was very happy for it to be over! 

The Birth 
This kid is a prankster! At about 37 weeks I started having bouts of pretty regular contractions, which would get us thinking it was just about time to head to the hospital and then just stop. This happened about five times. But then one day, they didn't stop! We headed to the hospital only to be monitored for three hours and sent home. Two days later, when contractions returned I was not hopeful until at a church Halloween party, that night, they started to get more painful. We left the party thinking this was it, but the contractions got further apart instead of closer. Defeated again, Devon went to sleep and I watched a movie. Soon the pain got to be so intense that I woke up Devon and we once again headed to the hospital. By time we pulled up, there was no doubt this was the real thing. I was in immense pain, screaming like a crazy woman. My epidural could not get to me fast enough, literally! As I was sitting up, getting my back cleaned for the epidural, I felt the baby coming. The doctor, who had seconds before entered the room, told me to lay down. She then announced this baby was coming. Fear overtook me, as I was not prepared for natural childbirth, but little did I know the hard part was already behind me. Just two pushes later, my perfect little 7lbs 13oz, 20 in, boy was here! 

The Aftermath
My mom brought the boys the next morning. Weston was SO excited to hold his new little brother! 
Landon wanted nothing to do with me or Colton. We had to bribe him with my phone to get him close enough to take a picture. 
The boys went home with dad and came back after naptime. This time around Landon decided he wanted to see what all the fuss was about and decided to give the little guy a chance. It was love!

Colton got to go home on Halloween, donning his first costume, a pirate! 

Colton's been a pretty good baby, but this kid LOVES to eat! I would love to just sit and nurse him all day, but that isn't possible with two naughty little boys running around! It won't be long till I have three naughty little boys running around! I can't wait...

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